Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Good Knitting, Good Reads

I haven't been posting lately. That means I must be knitting up a storm.

Well, sort of. The Green Flowy Cardigan is creeping forward. Only creeping because I have been mostly working on the thrummed mittens. The second one is ready for the decreases on the main part. I will easily have that and the thumb done in the next day or so. I probably would have finished it already if I hadn't run out of thrums. I spent much of last night watching Destination Tokyo and rolling more thrums. Now I think I have way more than I need.

No new pictures though. Instead of taking many pictures I have been reading. Nook and Kindle apps make it easy to read and knit at the same time. They only need a swipe to turn the page and they stay open. I just finished the Lord Peter Wimsey series, and am waiting the next installment in Her Royal Spyness series. Both are set in the same time and place: England between the two world wars. It was fun reading both series at the same time, and contrasting them. While the Spyness series deals with a fictional granddaughter of Queen Victoria (and 34th in line to the throne,) and both are detective novels, they deal with the the real issues of the time. I am sad to have ended the one series. I enjoyed their separate takes on Prince (later King) Edward and Wallis Simpson in particular.

But, in lieu of knitting pictures, I am sure no one will be disappointed by a picture of my Little Farmer.


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