Monday, December 8, 2014

Baskets for South Sudan

Today was the monthly Spin Guild meeting.  Joining us today was a friend ours from Greenville.  Teresa Janzen and her husband are serve with Partners in Compassionate Care.  They have made many trips to South Sudan to help encourage and support the people there in areas of education and agriculture.  Dan spends much of his time there in the past year, although at times they have been threatened with the turmoil that disrupts the area.  And she even found out how to survive being attacked by killer bees.  (Cover your head with a light silky scarf.  They attack from the top and that will intercept most of the bees.)  In spite of all that, eventually, Teresa said, they plan to move to South Sudan to serve full time.
Which brings us to the delightful baskets she brought with her.
In looking for a fund raising opportunity to support their efforts in South Sudan, Teresa ordered some baskets that are hand made in Africa.  Not in South Sudan, because the people there are too busy dealing with the war that tears across their area.  But these are handcrafted baskets made in village co-ops in Ghana, West Africa.
No two are alike. and there are many styles, from the round market baskets, to hats and even fans.  There are small ones and large ones.  And they are very sturdy.  If they get misshapen from being crammed in a closet or such, they can be dampened and reshaped.
I have a few of the large round ones that I have purchased at fiber fairs.  Crafty people love them for their knitting or spinning supplies.
If any of my readers would like to know how to get some of these wonderful baskets, and support a great cause at the same time, please e-mail me, call me or contact me on Facebook.  I will be happy to put you in touch with them. Or help arrange a meeting.  If anyone wants to host a fund raising event I am sure they can work something out with you.
A few items may have fallen into my car.
But I wasn't the only one who had fun shopping.
And one more tempting shot of her inventory.

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