Monday, June 2, 2014

A Great Weekend

Lil Farm Gal's sweater is blocking on my bed. So far, Leo our humongous skinny cat is merely laying next to blocking mat.  I hope he stays there.
Some of you who follow me on Facebook may have seen some of my pictures taken Saturday at the Open House at Chickasaw Farm.  Usually they have it when shearing, but the last few years have been a bit chilly and rain.  So they videoed the shearing done early.  They had baby lambs, alpacas, demonstrations, and vendors selling some of their hand crafted items.
There was hand dyed wool, hand dyed and/or spun yarn.  One of my friends, in addition to her wool that she raises as well as dyes, brought her massage table.  It seemed to be a very popular item as well.
I took the loom that I have for sale.  No takers, but one of the vendors was interested.  I left it with the farm owner.  She and others in her co-op go to several fiber shows through the summer and she thinks she may be able to sell it for me.  Anything to avoid Craigslist.  I'm just leery about trying that.
Other than the loom, I had nothing to sell, so I mostly tried to avoid the sun.  And other than a bit of burn on one knee, I did all right.  I finished the garter band at the color change on my SWestie shawl, and was able to start the new pattern when I got home.  Great day all in all.
And I didn't quite melt.

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