Friday, June 27, 2014

Granny Summer

While I still am not a baby Granny, Lil' Farm Gal is the next best thing.  And this summer, on the weeks she is home, I get to practice being a Granny for real.  Every other week she is with her father during the summer, but one day a week, when she is here, I will be staying with her.
This past Wednesday was our first day.  I had been there with her before. Once when she was home from school sick, I came and popped in for a while to make sure she was ok.  And I picked her up from her field trip the last week of school.  This week, we went to pick strawberries in the morning.  We got about 7 quarts or so.  We just picked them into our buckets so didn't need to use the quart boxes.  After getting home we washed and hulled them and put them in the fridge for her mom.  I had planned on a trip to Walmart because I was going to try to get my old laptop on the internet with the aid of a cable.  But Farm Gal, (the mom) said her class was done and she wouldn't need access to Word right away.  So we got a couple other things, browsed the toy section and got lunch at Subway.
The toy section was a new experience for me. Who knew there there things other than Hot Wheels and toy tractors?  Not when I had boys around, that's for sure.
In the afternoon, she drew and colored pictures on the sketching pad she bought.  I knit, and we also watched TV.  (Another revelation.)  I had also brought along a couple knitting books of baby patterns.  Lil' Farm Gal looked them over, exclaiming over all the cute girly sweaters.  All in vain probably.  From what I hear, there is a 90% chance of Whose It being a baby boy.
We may be making plans for the future too.  I'm thinking of picking blueberries if it isn't too hot.  And a friend suggested picking cherries.  We shall see.  I thought I would take her to the local yarn shop to pick out some yarn for a baby sweater, once we know for sure if it is a boy or a girl.
I also became buddies with Snowflake while I was there.  She is sporting her summer cut but still has a fluffy tail and the cutest stubby legs I've ever seen on a cat. 
Anyway, I got so inspired, I cast on again last night.  After all, December babies will need lots of sweaters. Right?
It is actually more of a wine color, so it would work for boy girl.   And trust me, there will be more to follow. 

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