Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Life on a Farm--Part 2

I neglected to mention the other day the other excitement on the farm.
We have a fairly small farm, only 40 acres, and have one small tractor, an older model Oliver.

But the other day we were invaded.
Older Son works for a local farmer with a large farm and who handles the field work for other large area farms.  He had once before raised his own corn in our back field, since we no longer grow corn.  The field is all of 3 acres.  This year, the ground was dry enough for the heavy equipment.  And heavy equipment we got.
When Hubby used to plan corn, he would disc it and manure it, disc it, drag it, and eventually plant it.
As I said, the heavy equipment was here around noon. And by 7:00 Monday evening, it was planted.  While the tractor pictured here was not used, a couple just as big were, only they had wheels.
Modern technology is wonderful, even in a little 3 acre field.  I hope I can catch a ride in the corn picker this fall.
And for the knitting fans, I will share where I am on the SWestie Shawl.  I have finished one repeat, and am ready to begin another.  I may only have enough yarn for a repeats, depending on the bind off I decide to use, once I get that far.

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