Friday, June 20, 2014

Knitting Again

One of my plans for my knitting this year was to re-assess my Works in Progress and decide if they were worth continuing or ready for the frog pond.
This project was the front and a few inches of the back of The Shapely Tee.  The project was so old that I hadn't even started Ravelry when this was cast on.  At a guess I would say I began around 2008 or so.
The yarn is South West Trading Company's Pure, 100% Soysilk and those balls on the foot stool represent all the frogging.  The yarn is much less purple and more fuchsia in real life.
The yarn is soft, and I really like it.  It drapes well and has a nice sheen.
I even swatched it last night.
So now I am trying to decide on a pattern.  The gauge is different than what I had mind. I punt and use math to adapt the pattern?  Even the book with different gauges and sizes will need math.  My gauge is between sizes.  It was fine before I washed it, but it grew in its bath.  I am learning that swatches need to be washed before measuring.
And why all the fussing about what to do with all this found yarn?
This is done, all but the blocking.
My SWestie Shawl.  Finished project 13 for 2014.  The shaping shows best in this picture of Gertrude from the side.You can see the deep point in the back.  You can also see that there is another corner coming from over the shoulders.  Not quite so deep but still a point.  It is pretty much how I imagined it as I was winging my way with it.  Don't you like when a pattern works out as pictured in your head?   I think it will block out with the points almost meeting in front, almost square.  I really like it. Now I just need to finish making my blocking frame.
And see what I am holding? That is all the yarn I had left over after my stretchy cast off.
That's what I call cutting it close. 

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