Thursday, June 19, 2014

Berry Patch

After discovering that the neighborhood strawberry patch was open for the season, I paid a visit.  I also dragged along a friend who hadn't known where this U-pick farm was.
No, I am not that good at berry picking.  She offered to take my picture and at the same time had me hold both of our carriers.  I only got about 4 quarts.  This old girl just cannot bend over as much as I used to, without getting dizzy.  I had to quit before the end of the row.
Perhaps I can do better next time.
And there will be a next time.  Remember Lil' Farm Gal?  I offered to spend one day a week with her now that school is out.  She spends alternate weeks at her dad's during the summer, but when she is here, I will be spending time with her.  I plan to take her berry picking next week.   We will see how well we can do then.  She is bound to be better than Older Son was.  He ate most of the berries he picked when I took him, years ago.
I may also have found out why I kept finding links in the blog titles.  I hopefully have that problem solved.  As a result, I think I have a blog template I like and will stay with for a while.  I kept changing the blog template to try to correct the problem.  There should be a measure of stability in the background once again.

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