Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sweater Accomplished

I sewed on the last button of Lil Farm Gal's Eyelet Yoke Cardigan this morning.

I love the sparkly buttons. I should. I have used the smallest ones on her doll's sweater and a medium size on my black eyelet cardigan. I hope she likes it.

I will be working in my SWestie Shawl next. At least until decide on my next project.....Shetland lace shawl or cardigan. I am about half done with the SWestie. I will be starting the solid blue yarn very soon.

I also loaded my 24 inch rigid heddle loom into the car. It was hardly used. The first project is still on it. I really prefer knitting to weaving, even to spinning. I have decided to try to sell it and am taking it to the Open House at Chickasaw Farm near Reed City (14162 Beech Ave, between 17 and18 Mile Roads, between 10 am to 4 pm) to try to find a buyer.

it is warped and I have the pattern notes, as well as the yarn, and extra shuttles and heddle. I can't find the books I had to sell with it. If I find them they will be included in the price. ($300----value approximately $375, without books.). And notice the stand? The stand is a great option that comes with it as well.

If you are interested, feel free to contact me. Delivery is available if nearby. And don't worry about lack of books. They can be found on line....I think Knit Picks has the ones I have. And YouTube is a great resource. I found videos that will coach you along.

If I find a buyer for it, I may be able to go to a fiber festival this summer.


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