Friday, June 13, 2014

Second Verse, Same as the First

Well, maybe it's the third verse by now. Once again I have ripped back the lace bind from my SWestie shawl. I had ten repeats finished and was already panicked that I was going to run out of yarn.

It looked great. But after weighing the remaining yarn and having some "fun" with math, I knew I would run out. Drat.

So now I am trying to decide how to finish it. I could do a third repeat of the Lacy V that I still have left. And follow that with some garter stitch instill I am close to running out and just finish with a stretchy bind off. But all my little markers have been removed that separate the repeats. Right now I am leaning to just working several rows of garter. I am still thinking while it sits in timeout.

I want to get this done to start baby knitting.

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