Friday, June 20, 2014

60's Movies, Late 50's Too

After an evening watching old Doris Day and Rock Hudson movies last night, I find it don't find them nearly as much fun as I used to.
It isn't just the hindsight when I see Rock Hudson in the romantic lead.  The closeups and semi-closeups of Ms. Day drive me crazy with the blurry picture.  How could I not notice the vaseline or filters or what ever they used on the lens back then?  I blame my youth when I first saw them, but what about the rest of the world?
And did anyone really dress like that?  I mean how practical were coats with one button?  And with elbow length sleeves?
A kinder gentler time back then perhaps, but very strange.  Although it did produce my favorite movie of all time:
The Blob, starring an unknown by the name of Steve McQueen.

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