Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Life on a Farm

Hubby seems to enjoy the fact that I am unemployed at the moment.  He is constantly having me come out to the barn to hold the trouble light, push this, pull that, etc.  Today we both went to deliver "The Beef" to our meat processor of choice.  (All animals become named The Beef once they are designated for the freezer.)
With that delivered we then proceeded to the auction sale barn where Hubby had purchased a small (tiny) calf to replace The Beef on the farm.  
Meet little #54.  We get rid of one.  We get a new one.  Life on the farm.  
We also had breakfast out.  Whoo hoo!  Morning date time! For Farm Mom here, sometimes that is as good as it can get.
Meanwhile on the knitting front, the recently completed sweater will be delivered tonight.  I have pretty much decided to start the Shetland shawl before I start the sweater I have envisioned.   I would need to swatch the yarn I have planned on using.  And since I want to also use a lace pattern on the body and possibly lower sleeves, with a stockinette upper body/yoke/sleeves it will take some planning.  I had wanted to use a Custom Fit pattern for it.  But that would only handle one stitch pattern.  The lace part would have me on my own.  I am not sure if I really want to try the pattern fudging with my good yarn.  Or, if I were practical,  I would just use stockinette with a simple lace insert up both sides and center back.  That would be similar to the gray cabled cardigan I made last year.
Since all that is up in the air until I decide exactly what I want to do, I continue work on my SWestie shawl.  I almost have a complete lace repeat done, so will be able to share pictures of the new section soon.  I also pulled out my sock projects to work on.  The car sock project is at the heel and I want to work that past the turn before returning to the car.  My home/travel socks are barely started, but will be good to take to Knit Night.  The lace on the shawl does have some plain rows, but on the two pattern rows mean it not good as the only project for Knit Night.  Hence the socks in the bag for a while.
And one last life note, I did hear of a great sounding job.  I put in an inquiry.  But, alas!  It was for a volunteer position.  While I would love the gig, I cannot afford to drive to a non-paying job.
I shall continue to freelance from home I guess.

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