Monday, June 16, 2014


Last week, after the last day of school, the state, I think, closed the main east/west road into town. I mean barricades and everything  They have been putting in drains, curbs on corners, and I think they are going to repave.  Nice improvements.  But since, as I mentioned, it is the main road into town from the west side.
There is, of course an official detour.  It takes people about three miles north of town, and across to the main north/south road of the area.  But, since the Midwest is laid out in grids of roads, we tend to find our own detours and shortcuts.  And this summer, apparently our road is the shortcut of choice.
Luckily, the planting season is mostly over, but chopping hay will begin soon, if indeed it hasn't already.  All those city folks used to zipping along are not going to take kindly to that.  They already are rather impatient at the occasional tractor and trailer.  It is a risk to even get the mail.
Its going to be a long summer.
On the family front, Hubby is doing okay.  The doctor put him on BP medication and it is coming down.  It is still a work in progress though.
I decided to skip the lace bindoff all together on my SWestie Shawl.  I am going with plain old garter stitch.  I just hope I can do a loose enough bind off.
I am not ruling out a row or two of eyelets soon.  Just for variety.  

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