Thursday, June 12, 2014

Busy Week

What a week it has been. And it is only Thursday.
Monday Hubby's Medicare supplement insurance had a home health evaluation.  As a result of finding his blood pressure slightly elevated we needed to buy a monitor to test it. (When I say slightly, I mean high.)  They called back yesterday and when I gave them the readings, they said we better not wait the three weeks the doctor mentioned to schedule a doctor appointment.
So, today I went with him to town and got him checked out.  He is on meds for blood pressure, and has a blood test scheduled for tomorrow.  He even got a quick EKG.  And we have orders to call in his BP readings on Saturday when the doctor is on duty this weekend.  Thank God he has insurance, even if I don't.
So Hubby is a work in progress for a while.  I guess I will be attending his appointments with him.  Apparently when he went in with pneumonia a year and a half ago, the doctor told him it was elevated, and that he should have it checked further.  With me hanging out on future visits, I can assure you, the doctor will be listened to.
And while working socks and shawls and scarves on the knitting front, I discovered that I may need to throw out all my summer knitting plans.  Besides a grand-nephew due in September, it was confirmed by sonogram that all is progressing well with Older Son and Farm Gal's baby due in December.  I guess I may just give grandma knitting another shot.  For the time being to be referred to here as little Whose It.
Maybe I can even dig out this baby sweater kit again.

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