Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life on the Farm--Solo Edition.

What a week!  Not much knitting, but a good portion of this week was spent at the hospital, with Hubby.
I posted updates on FaceBook about the excitement Hubby gave me Monday.  He ended up spending the night in the hospital after being dehydrated.  Not drinking anything, even coffee will do that.  Especially when the doctor has prescribed diuretics for blood pressure.  After testing and making sure the heart was okay, he came home Tuesday with no restrictions, other than to slow down if he feels the need.  And drink lots of water.  Often.
Meanwhile, I was left to run Younger Son to and from work. (And "from" is at 6am!)  And I had to make sure chores got done.  Younger Son handled most of them, haying and watering the cattle in the barn.  But the main job I had left was to take a bucket of milk replacer to the rambunctious calf we have housed in the old chicken coop.
Hubby gave me the recipe to mix it up.  The hard part was to get in the coop with the calf without wearing the milk replacer or dropping the bucket.  The calf had a refreshing habit of drinking quietly for a bit, and then giving the bucket a head-butt.  Luckily, I managed to hold on the first time.  After that, I braced the bucket against the side of the building.
I survived the feeding the first evening.  I came home in the early afternoon, after good news at the hospital to try another feeding and check the other chores.  While going past the garden, I noticed the potato plants looked a bit shabby.  Oh oh.  Hubby gone 24 hours and his blue potatoes were covered in bugs.  I looked in the garage and found the sprayer.  Giving it a good shake, I could tell there was spray in it.  I pumped it up and started to spray the buggy plants.  Only when the garden was half covered did I wonder if it was really Sevin spray, or if it was water, or (horrors!) weed killer.
Too late by then to do anything about it.
Luckily, once Hubby came home that evening, he said it was bug killer, not plant killer.  I followed him around as he checked out everything.  Cattle had been fed, so he added a bit more water to the tank, checked the calf, and sprayed the rest of the potatoes.
I didn't kill or lose anything while running the farm. And Hubby has a clean bill of health, as long as he drinks lots of water.
Next knitting.

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