Friday, November 11, 2011

Where'd the Grass Go, Momma?

On stepping outside today, Lizzie Bell was in for a bit of a surprise. And I was pleasantly pleased.
New readers may not realize that I love the stuff.
Lizzie on the other hand, not so sure. It is gone now, but this promises to be a snowy winter. I can hardly wait.
On the knitting scene, tomorrow I finally will be having the class on the making the Double Heelix socks.
They said that the heel is best done on circulars. I am not good with the magic loop or using 2 circs for socks. This should be an experience. Wish me luck!!


Diane said...

Lizzie Bell is so cute!

Snow there will be so pretty, I am sure. We spent the month of August in Calumet, MI and had a few cool days while we were there.

I like your Cotton Candy shawl and would like to try making one using a smaller size knitting needle and smaller yarn.
Do you have recommendations for this? I have not been knitting long enough to be brave enough to try and figure it out on my own.

The socks are great! Maybe someday I will progress enough to try socks!


Diane in Al

Linda said...

Thanks Diane in AL. I don't think you would have any problem making it using smaller needles and finer yarn. I made one using handspun alpaca that was about sport to DK weight, with smaller needles. Just swatch to get a gauge you like the look of and be sure to save half of your yarn for the second half. If you have an even number of skeins just save half, or weigh it to make sure you have equal amounts for first half and last half. Its very adaptable. When you get near the end of first half of the yarn, stop increasing for one lace pattern repeat. Then start the decrease section.
Easy Peasy. I'm farmmom on ravelry if you have any questions, tho I'm not in there every day.