Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I saw that rather cryptic abbreviation on a couple different blogs in the past few days.  It had me scratching my head.  Then today I found out what the excitement was all about.
It is National Blog Posting Month.  Participants who sign on the official website promise to post everyday for the whole month of November.  It sounds like fun.
And yeah, I know I'm a bit late to start, but I did have a posting on the second.  But I could extend into December a few days.  As long as I can blog from my phone, I can do it.  I may be light on pictures this month but I can do it. 
So here is,fair warning.......there may be some rather lame posts.  The rules prohibit scheduling a bunch of posts at once.  But I can do it.  (Does it sound like I'm trying to convince myself?)
And it will make my friend Evelyn happy.  She won't have to beg for blog posts for a whole month.

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