Thursday, November 24, 2011

Knitting Onward

Now that the shawl for Evelyn is off the needles, and resting in the wool room awaiting delivery, I can turn my eye on other WIPs.
While I am concentrating my focus on the light blue Henley tee, with occasional dipping into my panda silk shawl, I also wanted to finish at least one pair of socks.
I turned to my dove gray basic socks, and was able to start the heelflap. I like a good basic top-down sock with a slip-stitch heel flap. This pair is getting my favorite variation of that theme: eye of partridge heel.
Eye of partridge has the slip stitches staggered, instead of lining up. It's a great look, although I recommend either bright lights, or light yarn. It is sometimes hard to see if your row starts with a slip or a knit.
This yarn, in light grays and purples is a good choice for this heel. The picture is a bit yellower when taken by cell phone camera.
But you get the idea.

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