Friday, November 4, 2011

One Great Project Deserves Another

I have truly been loving knitting the Faroese shawl for Evelyn. Aside from the black hole thing, which actually makes it great travel knitting. I think it may just accompany me to a genealogy conference tomorrow, as it is easy peasy and I can knit and listen with only 4 spots where I have to check if I am on increase row or not. Other than that, straight knitting. Not exciting knitting, but great travel knitting, if I can find a smaller tote for it.
No new pictures of it however. I can't even find the "toe shot" so I can add that to Ravelry. I did, after due consideration, decide that another project was ready to cast on. (What works in progress are you referring too? You mean I have enough WIPs already? Oh well, too late now.)
This is a pattern that was in the latest Knitters magazine, K104, called Two to Triangle. It is a basic triangle shape, similar to my Red Roses Triangle. The magazine shows several options for the lace and I have chosen option 2. This picture is just the set up, but I have gotten into the lace. Only one pattern to memorize, 4 rows long. Now that I am past the shoulder shaping on the faroese, these increases are similar to that. But with the lace I can get a little challenge and a break from plain garter stitch.
And for my fiber friends...the yarn is Panda Silk, hand dyed by Yarn Hollow. One of the two skeins of yarn I got at the Michigan Fiber Festival this past summer in Allegan. The colorway is Paisley, it has magenta, navy and brown and the white of one of the fibers (silk perhaps) resists the dye so there is a white heathery look to the yarn as well. Despite the many colors, the lace seems to show up just fine. When I get some more length on it, I will share a picture.

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