Sunday, November 6, 2011

Turkey Time

Boy, is it dark out, even for 5:00 pm following the "stupid time change" (long time readers may remember that I detest daylight savings and wish we were on standard time year round). We probably have about an hour of daylight left (as I type this.) I am already tired, thanks to the mucking around with the clock.
But enough of my blather. I have knitting to show off. I have completed a bit more on this than the picture shows. It the Two to Triangle shawl from the latest Knitters Magazine, option 2. I love the Panda Silk yarn, and am looking forward to the great drape.
And as usual I have markers to mark all the crucial increases points. With only 4 pattern stitches and the yarn overs always lining up, it is easy to keep track of the repeats.
And here is a picture, such as it is of Evelyn's faroese. I have added at least a couple more inches to this, as it went with me to the genealogy conference I mentioned yesterda.
I had some comments on it. People loved the alpaca yarn, and were wishing they had brought their projects along. I have said all along, I can concentrate much better with knitting in my hands.
Oh yeah. Wondering about the title of this post?
The Catholic church in a nearby town was holding their annual turkey dinner, with all the fixings. Since Hubby gets to that town nearly every week for the livestock auction, he had made note of it and so we went there after church for dinner. Yum. And since I was able to swap his dressing for my potatoes, it was extra wonderful. I can't wait for our Turkey.

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