Monday, November 28, 2011

The Delivery

Since Evelyn was at spin guild today, the delivery was made on her alpaca faroese shawl. I think she liked it.
No, I am positive she liked it.
It still needs blocking of course, but is a wonderful shawl. I especially like the shoulder shaping that keeps it on your shoulders when wearing.
I think the green that I started plying yesterday would look great in a similar shawl. I was wrong about the fiber on that, by the way, it was Romney, not Southdown, as I mentioned yesterday. It was that Sue Ann grew and dyed. I still have 2 half bobbins, 4 full bobbins, and at least one more that I still have to spin and then ply with the rest. Since I make 2 ply yarn, this will be plenty for an ample faroese. Now I just have to decide which pattern I will make. Although I am sure it will be made in the style of Myrna Stahlman, top down and probably ending in lace edging.
Of course that project will be a ways down in the rotation.

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