Saturday, November 12, 2011

How the Heel Turned

Double Heelix class was this morning. What a challenge! Two friend from Knit Night were also there, Sandy and Kathy. Kathy wasn't to sure about the whole thing. Like me, she prefers double points, although I had come with a long circ for this project.
It was hard slogging, and if you look close you can see a small mistake just above my thumb where the purple got mixed into the pink spiral. I decided I could either live with it, or I will duplicate stitch over it when I get done. I left class with this much. Of course, casting on left handed, but knitting right handed meant that I had to tweak the pattern, but I am used to that. I did find the magic loop method way too complicated with four ends of yarn though. I bought a smaller needle to use with the long one. Not sure if that was easier or not.
After I got home, after helping Hubby move a ramp for the manure spreader to keep him happy, I sat down with this project. Perseverance paid off. I am now on the foot section, using the pink varigated color. The leg will be the purple. I'm not sure if I will reverse the colors on the second sock or not.
Fun and funky. One day of careful counting and marking my place on the pattern, and the rest is straight sock making. As long as I pick a quiet day to start the second sock, I am sure this pair will be completed soon.

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