Friday, November 18, 2011

The Home Stretch

Both NASCAR and Evelyn's faroese are nearing the end.  As I type this, the truck race finished a rain shortened race and Austin Dillon named champion.  Tomorrow and Sunday will see the last 2011 races and new champions crowned. (Since my man Mark is out of the
Chase, go Tony!)
The end also is looking close on Evelyn's faroese shawl.  I finished the second lace repeat and decided "Enough!"
(See below.)
The garter rows may grow slowly, but they knit quickly.  If not this weekend, it WILL be done next week.  (Evelyn, be sure to let me know ahead if you will make it to spin guild for the hand off.)
And then.....nothing new for a while.  I will spend December finishing WIPs.  I really will.  Promise.