Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pictures promised

I have been lax lately in posting with pictures. I finally remembered the camera, so this will be a picture heavy posting today.

To do catch up--my current sock project, the blue green cherry hill merino. Still on first sock but past the heel. It is still my traveling project, for the most part.

Then when my great nephew brought his parents up/over here a few weeks ago, I got this great picture. Its the one I call: Crapping on Grampy. I think it is a classic. Look close and you can see the smirk on the baby's face.

I also purchased some yarn for my cousin's prayer shawl, as I think I mentioned. The yarn is Lions Brand Homespun, alas not my own homespun. Since she is in isolation yet I can't give it to her yet so that project is on hold until the shawl I am donating for the church kitchen fund is finished. I really like the color, what do you think?

I think that catches up most of the pictures I promised. Maybe more next time.

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