Friday, May 2, 2008

Turn That Crank

I spent part of the day at the former Spinning Wheel Yarn Shop (now LaGuilde) learning how to use a drum carder. Now I can appreciate why batts and blended roving cost so much if handcrafted. After 2 or 3 hours of work blending natural white Falkland with turquoise bamboo roving I and a beautiful bat of light turquoise with a love sheen that weighed...just under half an ounce. And now my shoulder is sore from cranking. Fun to see it change color and even out. I think it will spin up wonderfully. But maybe I will use my hand carders for a little while to see if I can bet better production out of that.
I left just in time to get soaked as I did my shopping--dog and cat food at the farm store, and then groceries. And after I got home and the car unloaded--dry. Naturally.
I need to get my knitting sorted out. I want to take the Cinnamon Wave Wrap tomorrow to work on at the retreat for Daughters of the King. I have emptied a sizable bag, so I can include my handbook and Bible, as well as note paper. And of course the shawl with some spare yarn.
Well I got to go, Nationwide race at Richmond and I want to catch the rest.

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