Thursday, May 8, 2008

Two Weeks and Counting

Just over 2 weeks and counting down to the last day of school, Younger Son seems to be on track to actually graduate this time. I need to lock in the hall for a party, not till July, but the township hall is open the day I want. Price isn't bad so I just have to remember to call tomorrow.

Tonight I and a friend are heading out of town about 1 1/2 hours away for another groups knit/spin/weave night. I am taking my Luther Burbank Rose Garden to spin, as I am trying to follow the Ravelry spin along. I thought that would put the pressure on to finish so I can start on socks out of it. Plus...they have bunnies. Angora's. How can I get one of those home?
But along the line of fiber animals--Hubby was talking about the cost of gas (way high, up 30 cents this week!) and said he wasn't going to mow the lawn very often this year. Which left me musing on the image, seeing as how he doesn't mow until it is at least 6 inches ore more anyway. (Luckily we don't live in town.) Then my half listening ear caught the phrase, maybe we will need to get a sheep. "I'll look into that." I said quickly. Don't want him bringing home some straggly coarse-coated beastie. Hmmmm--I'm thinking Shetland. I have to investigate, and fast.

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