Thursday, May 1, 2008

Life on the Farm

Another new calf last night. A vigorous, health, frolicking heifer. Black with white face, feet and a white tip on the tail. Hubby got her tagged before she had time to dry off. And a good thing. She is too lively to get a picture, and too far away. Carmel had her on the far side of the remnants of Lake Hagen in the pasture. Hubby was worried she would not be able to make it through the deep mud to get to the dry side of the pasture. SOOOOO--we took the hay spear off and put on the two wheeled trailer on the back of the trusty old tractor. I asked Hubby if he wanted me to come along and laugh or wait by the gate and laugh. He said to come along. Good thing. I had to drive back while he sat in the trailer with the afore mentioned frisky calf. Mama Carmel ran circles around tractor and trailer, all the other cows came to sympathize with her. We made it back to the gate, and he unloaded the calf. Mama sniffed her over and headed for the far corner of the dry side of the pasture. Before we were out the gate, they were farther away than when we started. Awww. Life on a farm.

I spent a little time spinning on my drop spindle. I took it Tuesday to the Knit/Spin Night. The super-wash roving is gradually vanishing but the yarn around the spindle doesn't seem to be getting any bigger. But I do love the colors and I know plying will "fluff" it out some. I can't wait to make socks out of them. I ordered another pair of the knitpicks harmony double pointed needles, so I can have a couple pairs going at once. I really love those needles.

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