Monday, May 26, 2008

Project Update

Seems like even with a long weekend I didn't get a lot of knitting done this weekend.

I got about half of the Luther Burbank Rose Garden super-wash left to spin. There is a sample of that in the May SAL in Ravelry. I am also working on the Cinnamon Wave Wrap. Here is a picture of that. I'd say I am over half done. Humph. Probably won't be much of a market for that when I finish, trying to sell a 100% wool shawl when its 90 degrees out.

I finished the first sock in the blue-green Cherry Tree Hill merino. Second was immediately cast on and have about a half inch of ribbing.
AND, among other items,I started swatching for the Shapely Tee in SWTC Pure--soy silk, Haven't had time to update that on Ravelry yet. Mmmmm, soft and supple and Hot Pink--I want to wash and re-check the gauge but right now I am dead on.
My blogging time may be cut into, if I get the library job noted on my blog. It will be all day Thursdays, and can start even before my current job leaves the state. That is when I get my best blogging done. I may have to resort to blogging at home with dial-up. Once my boys get moved and we clean up/out their room I will be able to sort my stash, yarn and wool and put in the new craft room. Then I will be able to work on my wheel more at home.

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