Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lurther Burbank Rose Garden

I have been discussing the roving I have been spinning on my Forrester drop spindle. I found the label, so here is the info.
Angie, it is 4 ounces. Colorway is, as I've said before, Luther Burbank Rose Garden. I purchased it from the Royale Hare, from Santa Rosa CA, at the SOAR Marketplace. I do love the way it plied up with some tweedy areas but some plain green and plain pink.
After all the gloom and doom in my last post--some good news. The other kid who alternated milkings with Younger Son at the farm he works at just quit/was fired. And the new guy, who my son recommended LIKES to work nights. No more getting up at 2AM Sunday morning.
And maybe I can stay awake for the entire Saturday night NASCAR All Star race this week.

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