Thursday, May 29, 2008

Farm Chores

Not much knitting in the past few days. Hubby has been putting me to work helping him since Oldest Son is in heavy planting mode yet and gets home long after I am in bed. Younger Son is done with classes. He has been working at a friend's farm doing calf chores, mending fences and general gopher work. Now that he has a new working moped he doesn't need us to haul him around and again, hardly see him. Soooo... guess who gets drafted by Hubby to hold the trouble light when cutting, and the gates when moving cattle? You got it.

Final addition of early calves was born yesterday. Pure black little heifer. We turned her and Mom out into the pasture and then moved the rest around. That's all the calves until fall when we should be getting 2 more.

I did manage to organize the stash a little--major stash reorganization will be when the boys move out and Hubby and I fix up their room. Need to do some work on the ceiling and then I can start moving in tubs of yarn and roving and books and patterns. When I peeked into my sock yarn tub, I was amazed at some of what I have. I need to make it more accessible.

I also snagged a few purchases --a cone of red Zephyr, by Jaggerspun. Now I will be all set when the Maidenshawl book comes out. Also a wonderful little basket by Lantern Moon, with a silky red and gold brocade lining and drawstring top. I even bought a Forrester drop spindle that its owner didn't care for, but I love.


Angie J said...

and you got a deal on that Forrester. Wait till you see the yarn I've spun up from doing some carding over there too. It's yummy.

Ooh calves, can we say steak???? yummy yum yum. Almost as tastey as lamb.

Our fencing is going to have to wait another year, so the sheep will be 2 years (sigh)

How goes the shetland shopping?

Anonymous said...

Forrester? I used to have one of those. I wonder where it went???? Hey, that's a mystery I can write about. Okay, she purchased it fair and square, but Angie drooled about it.

MaidenShawl writer.