Sunday, April 27, 2008

Talladega and knitting.

Talladega and the Big One. I missed it on the Nationwide race yesterday, and have a feeling that if I have to got get Younger Son from work, I may again today. Oh well, there is always the wrap-up Monday evening on Speed TV. So far it is very exciting though. If I can keep the pup dog off my lap I should get a lot of knitting done. I'll save the spinning or another week.
Knitting is progressing nicely on the Cinnamon Wave Wrap. I plan on taking it with me to a retreat I am attending Saturday for Daughters of the King. I find since I can concentrate better in meetings, I don't think it will be out of place. I already talked another daughter into taking her socks along to work on. The stitch pattern is easy (Crest of the Wave) and I can easily tell where I am so it is pretty much "no brainer" knitting. I don't have to worry about heels or toes, or a spare project, so I think it is good to go. Besides the project IS a fundraiser for the church kitchen project, so it is appropriate work for a church retreat.
Weather--reality check time. After about 10 days of July weather: balmy, shorts and sandals, it is back to the real world. April weather is back in full force. We were down at least to the lower 40's if not colder last night. Brrrrr. Welcome to Michigan! Back to long pants and socks in the sandals. At least I have nice hand knit ones to show off in them.

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