Thursday, May 1, 2008

Home for Oldest Son?

We finally got to see Oldest Son's new home--assuming we can ever get him to actually move. Hubby was at an auction and he got stuck, I mean snatched up a used couch. Actually a fairly nice one, clean and only a little thread bare on the back of one cushion. But--off white for a farmer? Not my first choice.

Any way, we offered to deliver it. He couldn't leave the field he was in, but told us how to get in and we gave ourselves the grand tour. Not bad, fair sized rooms, 2 big upstairs bedrooms and 2 small downstairs one. Big eat in kitchen and decent living room. Even a laundry room. All he needs is furniture. I told him he could use one room to set up all his Ertl tractors up in. Spread out a couple sheets of plywood on a couple saw horses and make it all fancy. He has done this for a friend's son and I am sure he has plenty of tractors and implements to make a sizable farm.

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