Thursday, May 22, 2008

Progress of Life

Last post was a quick one. I didn't have much time, what with the interview and all. The job is for only 10-15 hours, and Sandy--the friend gifted with the pink Shape-It scarf--seems to think I am a shoo-in. I sure hope so. Once my full time job leaves, I want to have something to keep me busy. And I am still hoping for the possibility of subbing for extra hours there too. Sandy is doing everything she can to keep pushing me for that as well.
Oldest Son called to ask me to look for furniture for him at yard sales. Seems he may actually be moving in next few weeks, now that corn planting is nearly done. I found some sources, including a friend who had a 3 piece bedroom set for only $100. He was just going to buy a mattress, so this will be much better. He thought so too.
Youngest Son took his final Final Exams today. YES!! I now need to design some post cards for announcements with the note that party is in July with details to follow. Better get working on that later tonight.

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