Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sunny Prospects

Closer and closer to graduation and STILL it looks like Younger Son will make it. No one can conceive what a joy and surprise and relief it is to be able to say that.

I finally got a picture of some of the sock yarn I spun. I hope I end up with enough. It is about 4 oz of roving so I am hoping the finished product will give me enough.

Hubby is still driving the big bomb truck but remains hopeful that the repairs on little red won't be too painful. I am just hoping that it works when I want to get a lawnmower lamb. (Hey Angie--are there any little ones at Chickasaw that look promising? Or a rescue sheep. I want to stay with Shetland though, they are smaller.)

I heard through the grapevine that I may be able to interview soon for the part time job at the local library, in the Local History room. I worked there before so that should help and I loved that job. As a matter of fact, while I was blogging in there Thursday, a patron came in with a question. Since the regular person was on vacation, instead of asking the substitute, he asked me. Just maybe I have a shot at that. And for now, until the other job ends, I could work there on my Thursdays off from my other job, and an evening if necessary. Maybe there is a future there yet.

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Angie J said...

Linda depending on how large the sock is, it takes an average of 400 yards for an average size sock.

Sheila doesn't, but we do have someone else in the booth that has shetlands for sale. I'll remind her to send me Kathy's info for you.