Thursday, May 15, 2008

Some Days are Like That, Even in Australia

Has it been almost a week already? Time flies.

By the way, today's title is taken from my favorite children's book--Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

Still no news on when the job will be ending. Getting more nervous, and pricing insurance for good measure. I suppose I will need to sign on for some for me at least. Best price with at least some coverage is still $167 a month. Big bite when on unemployment. And living in Michigan, not sure what will be living on when that is gone, since there are no jobs around here.

And just to make things more wonderful, Hubby's truck had a major oil leak. He discovered it after dropping Younger Son to his 2nd job. Later we found oil spills and a steady line of oil all the way down the drive, so he must have driven about 5 miles as it leaked away. Not good and sure to be very expensive. Yikes.

Happier note--Younger Son still on target for graduation. I heard rumors that John Berry MAY possibly be the speaker/musician for graduation. Haven't confirmed yet though. That may take away the pain of sitting in the broiling sun for 2 hours or so.

I finally plied my super wash last night. I have been really spinning away on this, since I figured I could use it as part of the Ravelry Spin Along for May, in one of my groups. It was finally getting to be more than my bobbin would hold. It looks very nice plied. I will post a picture. This morning, when I wanted to take a picture, it was too cold and frosty where I wanted to display it. Only got about 117 yards though, but it is a little heavier than fingering weight. I have to check my wraps per inch, but am guessing I can make socks if I use a size 2 though. Hmmm. Maybe even an after thought heel. I haven't done one and now that I can graft, I may be willing to try it. Time will tell.

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Angie J said...

hey Linda,

How many ounces is that? Do you know how to figure out recommended needle size for hand spun yarn? If not give me a shout, and I'll fill ya in.

Yeahhhh on graduation!!!!

Booooo on Oil Leak. We've got one too, and yup it's expensive. I'm looking at around 600 for the Toyota, since the engine will need to be removed to fix it.

Yeah!!! on still having a job.

Boo!!! on health insurance prices.

If they offer you to money to go back to school take it. You get your unemployment while you are still in school. (started 2 weeks after I lost mine :( )

Hope to see you soon on Friday Mornings :)