Saturday, May 10, 2008

Field Trip

Jane and I had a rollicking trip to Greenville the other day. The trip itself was actually quite hilarious as Jane discovered how to use the GPS directions on her blackberry. We were wowed as the little thingy knew just when the exit lane split off from the highway. It knew every slight curve and even the police turn-arounds in the expressway. I was a bit floored when it claimed we were a half mile from town, when I knew it was farther than that. However it was actually referring to the change of the road name at the county line. It was a bit confused when I blew past the house we were heading for, but by then I knew how to get where we were going. The police car behind me never knew I was a bit confused.

Then crafting fun. I dug out the drop spindle and spun quite a bit. Teresa brought in Crystal (red eyed white) and Godiva (chocolate) Angora bunnies. I fell in love. They hopped around and Jane decided she loved them so they made the trek home with us.

I decided to investigate the sheep angle Hubby was talking about. I found a farm that sells summer lawnmower sheep--Shetland wethers (castrated rams) for a reasonable price, ready in a little over a month. I love the idea. Hubby suddenly not so much. But I have time to work on him before they are ready to come home. I guess I better start pricing movable fencing and stake outs. Probably a halter too.

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Angie J said...

Hey Linda,

Try Sheila too. If they do any type of shetland rescue like they did last year, they were giving them away. Beautiful old world colors that are being bred out here in America for the natural whites.

She also has the store basically set up too. Right now it's all stored in a bedroom, because son is home from Army before he heads to Europe, but she plans on having it set up for the year other than shows.