Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Transitions of Life

I wanted to be able to post earlier than this. But life happens. Oh, how it happens. What is the Nationwide commercial? Life comes at you fast.
After much pushing, and prodding, and a complete change in attitude, Younger Son is now a high school graduate. To fully appreciate this you must know that it took 2 years of being a senior. And with the fact that he had a year of developmental kindergarten, he will be 20 this July. (pictures will be posted--I'm on the PC and pics are on the laptop.) These past two years he moved out for most of the first year, dropped out, switched to the alternative high school, decided a diploma from the regular high school was better and switched back. He got in legal trouble and is straightening that out. And, although I held my breath the last trimester he seemed to be confident. And now, as of last Sunday, he is a Graduate!!
Ceremony was held on a beautiful sunny day on the football field. Drat, I was hoping for rain so it would be in the gym because I am not a "sit in the sun" type of person. I am just now recovering from a painful sunburn on shoulder and back of the neck. There was a gentle breeze, enough to furl the flags. And a wonderful keynote speaker in John Berry, who gave an inspiring talk and sang a song for the graduates.
After that Younger Son had barely time for pictures..before dashing off to go to the farm and milk. Keep in mind he also had the 3am shift again. Of the three guys who work for his farm, all were graduating, and it was John's rotation. But I got lots of pictures during the ceremony and a few after, amid grumbling. Then off he went.
Hubby and I were on the way home when Older son called and wanted help getting the bedroom set he was purchasing from a friend. So we changed, helped him pack up and unpack the bed and dressers. And after a rainy Monday and dreary Tuesday, he packed up some of his belongings yesterday and moved. We have to get the kitchen table and a few pots and pans and such. Odds and ends like a lamp and some chairs, microwave and such, and he should be settled. Oh yeah, somewhere I may have some plates. I know I have glassware from Dad he can take. I don't know what he has over there in the kitchen. But "my baby" is on his own.
One down, one to go.
Isn't that a parents job, help them stand on their own?
I'm glad he is only a few miles away.

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Christylea said...

I love this. It is full of things that are transitional, yet appropriate & timely!
I will be home in Newaygo this summer, so I can check through the garage, etc. to see what I have leftover from my old apartment. I may have some things Bob can have!