Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wallaby Time for "Laban"

With the completion of the two Baby Sophisticates and matching hat, it is time to turn to a Wallaby for Little Laban.  The yarn had already been selected and was ready to jump onto the needles.  (The link is to the Ravelry project page.)
Beautiful Encore in shades of blue and green.  It was soon zipping along.  Shortly after the ribbing was complete and the stockinette established, I pulled my usual trick and made the pocket flap.  I find it easier to pick up the pocket stitches before I go as far on the body as the pattern calls for.
 After finishing the pocket flap I also cast on for the first sleeve.  I like having them done and ready to add when I get to the yoke.  Lizzie once again graciously posed for scale.  Well, okay.  She had claimed to footstool for her nap and wasn't going to move.
The other reason for getting some of the fussy parts of the knitting done is to have at least one easy, non-fussy project for knit nite.
My Plain Old Boysenberry Pi is going surprisingly well.  I am 10 rows into the next pattern section.  It now starts to change from the previous pattern.  I think it will be easier than I thought.  Although I am looking to change out the section following this.  I am even considering making the eyelet rings like I did in my Leftover Pi that I made with my leftover sock yarn.  I may do some rounds of eyelets, and the some other lace pattern.  After all I will have up to 96 rows to play with over 576 stitches.
I think that leaves a bit of room for creativity.

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