Monday, July 14, 2014

A Purple Haze? No, It's Deep Red

I managed to finish both of the Baby Sophisticate sweaters for Little Whose It, and Little Laban this past week.  The buttons are gray with a bit of texture.  I had purchased them for my black cotton cardigan and then chose others.  But they look fine here.
The yarn is really more of a wine color and not as purple as the flash makes it look.  I love the little old man look that they have.  Since I had a fairly sizable ball of yarn left after finishing the smaller sweater, I cast on a wee little watch cap for Whose It.  
That makes finished projects 14 and 15 for the year.  The hat will be 16.
And then,  I returned to the Plain Old Boysenberry Pi.
Gosh, do you think I am in a color rut?   This may be the last time I will be able to get much of a picture of this.  As it grows, it will be harder and harder to spread out enough to show the pattern.  I hopefully have made the last needle jump, now that it is on a 32 inch needle.  It is at least much cooler to knit than large heavy sweaters.  I love knitting lace weight for summer. 
Other news on the family front.  Little Whose It will be Little Farm Boy.  Although only 18 weeks along, he managed to show he was all boy on the last sonogram.  That means I will soon turn to knitting in blue.  After all the previously purchased yarn is used up that is.
There already is yarn for Little Laban's Wallaby (a pocket hoodie sweater), the one for Little Farm Boy, as well as the yarn kit I bought last summer.  I think I am ready to make that one soon too. Those are all easy knits,  and with my Pi as a more intense project, I may never get to my Plumcake sweater. I really had planned on that this summer.
But babies are the best reasons for knitting plans to be upset.

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