Monday, July 7, 2014

Back to Knitting,

First off, Hubby is doing fine.  His blood pressure meds need adjusting, as it is a bit higher than it had been.  Probably because of no diuretics, and not drinking as much coffee.  I told him he could cut back a bit on water, at least until we see the doctor tomorrow.
As I said before, his stint in the hospital did cut into my knitting some.  I had hoped to finish the Baby Sophisticate sweater last Monday.  Instead, it didn't come off the needles until July 3.  I took my car sock project into ER with me and finished the gussett and about half of the instep on Monday.  Tuesday I took a scarf project, but was too busy to get much done with that.
However, by Thursday, in between keeping an eye on Hubby while he played in the hayfield, I managed to finish the Baby Sophisticate, 12 month size.
After looking it over, I decided that since my little Whose It is due in December, that perhaps this sweater should be designated for my nephew's baby due in September.  So, for Little Laban it is.  (That is just my name for him.  It is a family name and they have two L's already.  I have a hunch that name won't past muster though.)
So I immediately cast on another in the 6 month size for Whose It.  I probably won't bore you with pictures.  The first sweater took almost all of one skein.  Since I bought two skeins, (Lions Brand Heartland, Isle Royale colorway), the second will be just like the first, just smaller.
I did find buttons in the button bin for this.  I had purchased some gray ones for possible use on the black cotton cardigan finished this past January. Since they weren't used on that, I think with the yarn's blue undertones, they will work well for these sweaters.
The second sweater is steaming right along.  I'm past the yoke and chugging through the body.  Maybe I can start sleeves tonight.  Once this sweater is done, I will go back and weave ends on both and sew on buttons.
Even though they are on the same project page on my Ravelery list, I can still call them 14 and 15 finished for the year, once they are both finished off.

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