Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Loving the Cool

Temperatures that is.  Yesterday I actually was able to wear something other than shorts and sleeveless top.  A cool wave went through and I am digging this weather.  I even got the house cooled down.  I actually shut the window to keep it from getting too cool.  By Hubby's standards, I could have stood it cooler.
On the way home from Knit Night last night I beat the pop up showers, although it looked like some would be soon on the way.
My knitting has been mostly on either the Boysenberry Pi, or on the Baby Hat since finishing the pair of sweaters.  I have enough ribbing on the hat done that I will shortly begin the decreases.
I am guessimating the size, using Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's excellent book "Knitting Rules" for hats.  I added to the length, figuring on turning the brim.  This is for a December baby after all.  I know it looks narrow, but it IS ribbing after all, two by two over 56 stitches on size 8 needles.  
Then once this is done, I am thinking its time for that Wallaby hoodie for my newest grandnephew, Little Laban to hit the needles.  (And yes, I know that is probably not going to be the real name)

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