Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Family Happenings (and a Little Knitting)

While some of my Facebook friends have heard, I know other blog followers do not. Especially one follower who is currently off Facebook. I found out yesterday that Older Son and Farm Girl (mother of Lil' Farm Gal)will be getting married. Yea! And next month too!

I am just old fashioned enough to hope they would marry. Yet I didn't want to nag or push them. To say I am excited is a bit of an understatement. The wedding will be on their farm, and they have a large yard and lots of empty floor on the barn in case of wet weather.

A little closer to home, Hubby has been responding to his blood pressure meds. While not perfect, it is much improved from what it was. The downside is that he has really been hit by one side effect. Drowsiness. Although he is way beyond drowsy. He is practically catatonic.

Well maybe not that bad. But some days he dozes, or sleeps off and on for 16 to 20 hours. And that is after being on the meds for a month. After checking with the doctor, we were told that could last up to 2months.

So for now, since Younger Son's ride to work has fallen through (again!), Hubby is going to continue to take him to work in the evening. He usually has his awake time then. And I am going to do the morning run to pick him up at 6:00 am. (Yawn!) I always had to get up Hubby anyway at 5, so now I'll just stay up longer. On most mornings I can then take a quick nap when I get home. That way Hubby can get a solid nights sleep.

It seems to be working somewhat. He didn't need to pick him up last week while he was still riding with a co-worker. And Sunday Hubby was up longer than usual. Yesterday he was up and on the go all day. And he got up late, but seems to be ok and is even visiting a neighbor today.

And I did mention a little knitting.

i have made a bit of progress on the Sweet Pea Cardigan. The color in the upper left is the closest to the true color. You can see the texture better below.

I had to rethink my original slip stitch pattern. Instead, on the fourth row, I knit one, purl one. On the eighth row I purl one, knit one. The rest is stockinette.

Easy Peasy.


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