Monday, July 28, 2014

Granny on Duty

This past week, I not only got my regular day with Lil Farm Gal, but the next day as well.
It seems the day care was going to be closed so Lil Farm Gal and I got to have two days together.  On Wednesday, (the same day the farm was getting fertilized) we went on a field trip across the neighboring county for a dairy farm tour.  They are locally well known as a independent farm that processes their own milk and cheese and ice cream. They even drove the right color tractor.  That is an important thing in the farming community.  The tour began with a video of the farm history and then a walking tour around the facilities.  No pictures, I'm afraid, but the moochies (cheese curds) and their chocolate milk sample were wonderful.  
After dessert, followed by lunch, we also took a side trip to pick up a prize I won during the baby food festival.  Then home and tv before attending to her afternoon chores.
The next day was fairly quiet, since we had spent the wad the day before.  She came along for an hour meeting I had to attend. and then a little shopping before heading home for quiet time again.
I am so glad I got an extra day this week.  My next regular time would have been during the fair, but she is going to her aunts for the week for a fair in Indiana.  Only one time more until school starts, unless we can get together the Friday of fair week.
After all this, and while the sleeves were getting finished, I did start to think about starting another project.   I dug out some yarn I had purchased a year ago,when we had hoped for a grandchild.  It turned out to be the wrong weight for the project I had planned, so I dove into the Ravelry pattern pool again.
I found a simple riff on a top-down raglan sweater out of fingering weight, called Sweet Baby Sweater.  It calls for two different yarns, a variegated yarn (left from a pair of socks?) perhaps for the yoke, and a solid for the sleeves and body.  I decided to go with the yarn I had and add a texture pattern to the plain stockinette.  I call it Sweet Pea Cardigan.
The yarn is less mint green and more pea green.  I have cast on and progressed an inch or two.  It should be a easy but interesting knit with the texture.

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