Sunday, July 27, 2014

Brown Gold?

One day last week Older Son called and asked if his dad wanted to have some manure spread on our hay fields, now that the hay is off.  After a few calls back and forth, at the end of the day there was a large hose being dragged across our field from the farm a half mile away.
It was quite the production.
I had never seen it being spread that way.  One end of the hose was hooked to a pump at the "pit."  The one on our field was attached to a tractor with a pump and sprayer.  And then, as seen here, it zig-zagged across our hayfields spreading brown goodness here and there.
All told, we got 4 coats on the fields.  The smell wasn't as bad as I was afraid it might have been.  After it dried, it was hardly noticeable.  We even slept with the windows open. 
On the knitting front, I have been working as well.  Not on the lace shawl though.  That requires too much time without interruption.  Instead, I have finished both sleeves for Lil' Laban's Wallaby.  
Now, its just plain knitting for a ways, to fuse the pocket into place and join the sleeves.  Good position for Knit Night knitting.  
Maybe it is time to start thinking about something new to cast on. 

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