Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Garden Goodies on the Way

Now Hubby and I may not be the best gardeners, but what we grow, we grow with gusto.  We also have a good crop of weeds.  But along with the weeds, we do have some produce to eat.
I mentioned how I managed to save the blue potato plants while Hubby was in the hospital.  We have a dozen or so of both the blue potatoes and Yukon Gold potatoes.  (Although I think they need spraying again.
We also have quite a few sweet potatoes plants.  They hadn't been rototilled in some time. The weeds were definitely taking over.  I helped out by trying to keep the vines out of way while Hubby ran the rototiller between the rows.
If you look close you can see the bright orange marker by each sweet potato plant in the row that was done.  Hubby takes a metal rod style fence post and cuts off the rods in half and paints them orange to use as markers.  Then when the potato plants die back, we still know where to dig. 
Here is one of the plants up close. 
They sure do throw out the vines. 
We also have on early and one late row of green beans,  as well as sweet corn.  One row planted about 3 weeks ahead of another two.  Of course we have tomatoes,  3 Heinz variety, 3 yellow (I think), 3 Bonnie Best and 3 cherry.  We had 2 but thought one died.  After I purchased another plant, the dead one revived.   But that is ok.  We love to eat tomatoes.  There is nothing better than a toasted whole wheat tomato and mayo sandwich.  But only with home grown tomatoes.  I don't eat tomatoes from the store..too tasteless.
Hubby has a few squash plants, and I also purchased a couple bush cucumber plants.
Yesterday I picked and ate the first cucumber of the season.  Yummy!  
I'd show you a picture of it, but I scarfed it down too quick.   I love summer produce.  

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