Tuesday, July 8, 2014

In the Nick of TIme

Last week's medical episode interferred with Hubby's plan for the hayfield.  The day after we got home, after making sure he was feeling okay, Hubby checked with our neighbor who bales our hay.  They said go ahead and cut it all.
So he did.
And over the next couple days, it was raked.....
and baled.
113 bales of fresh, sweet smelling hay.
Our hay is mostly grassy hay, with a bit of clover and alfalfa in one area of one field.  But we also have quite a bit of trefoil.  Here is a picture of trefoil. 
It has finer leaves and stalks than clover, but makes great hay.  The funny thing is, that most is self seeded.  Our farthest field was seeded with it quite some time ago.  The process of bouncing the bales along on the spear, on the trip back to the barn apparently shakes off some of the seed.  Because now all of our fields have quite a bit of trefoil.  And they get more and more each cutting. 
Kind of nice when you don't have to buy seed to get a great field of hay.  
The best part of the haying process this year so far, is that just a few hours after the last was baled,  the rain came.  Nothing was rained on before baling. 

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