Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Projects 14, 15 and 16 for 2014

I finished the hat for Little Whose It.  The sweaters and hat were set out to block yesterday under the watchful eye of Leo.
I think he wanted to make sure they didn't harm the wool blanket at the foot of the bed. The plaid wool blanket at the foot of the bed was in the cleaners nearly all last week.  Both Leo and Lizzie were traumatized by its absence.  Leo crawls underneath it to take his afternoon naps.  And Lizzie invariably curls up on it at night.  The animals obviously share my love for soft breathable wool.   The blanket itself is over 60 years old as it was one of my parents wedding presents.
The hat and sweater look great together and I think will be perfect for a December baby.  Here is a pre-blocking photo.
They do look lighter and more purple than in real life.  The actual sweaters are a deep wine and are perfect "old man" looking sweaters for the two babies.
I hope the mothers like them.

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