Monday, August 11, 2014


I guess I was gone longer from the blog than I intended.  Baby knitting, and fair week both conspired against me this time.  I had done so well in July, but I guess I blew it so far this month.  Is it really the 11th already?
Last week was fair week, plus I am up everyday at 5:20am to pick up Younger Son from work.   Not what this poor old unemployed person was used to.
Hubby is getting better, as far as the tiredness.  He slept a lot on Saturday, but I had him take the shift to pick up Son at 5am.  Ugh.  But if he has things to do, he manages to keep up and active. He was at the fair almost everyday last week.  More than I was, because I was riding in when he went, when I could, to avoid a second parking pass.
But I did go in early on Thursday on my own, to see the dairy show.  It was in a new venue this year.  a nice new area, but not nearly big enough for the show. The benches that were there only held a small fraction of the normal crowd.  The kids trying to turn their animals around when they were fussy didn't have room to make a circle.  All went fairly well, aside from that.  One of the family friends got a supreme open class dairy cow!
Good job kid! 
And remember my little date for the dairy show last year?  He was there too.  But so engrossed in his chocolate covered cheesecake, he had eyes for no one else. 
But in spite of everything, I did get some knitting done.  I managed a few more rounds on my Plain Old Boysenberry Pi.  But pictures are impossible now until its off the needle.  It just look like a reddish purple blob.  But I did finish the hoodie for Little Laban.  Now I need to wash, block it, and send it on its way. 

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