Sunday, November 4, 2012

Twinkle Toes--Really!

With the completion of my Leftover Pi shawl (or afghan/throw), I have been browsing the WIPS.  (Works in progress to the non-knitting reader.)
I certainly have a good selection to choose from.  After a conversation at Knit Nite last week about a gansey class offered at a local yarn shop, I dug out the lonely blue gansey cardigan in the unfinished pile.  I worked a row, after finding my place.  That may need to be mostly "at home" knitting, since the charts are needed for both sides.
My Duchess of Cambridge featherweight cardigan, also blue, is another, less intense option.  I do want to finish it this winter.
For the time though, I picked up the dove gray sock.  This is the first of the pair.  I would like to cast on the second today or tomorrow.  But first I want to try a different toe treatment.  I am going to make a short-row toe and use either a 3-needle bind off on top of the instep.  Or a similar Greek bind off.  I found the instructions in "The Sock Knitter's Handbook".   I like the look, and no grafting!
I'll keep you informed as to how that works out.
Oh, I forgot to mention that while the color is more yellow than in real life, the picture does show the twinkle of a strand of real silver.

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