Monday, November 5, 2012

One More

Hopefully, only one more day of the campaign calls.  
One more day of anxiety over the election.  Yes, I confess.  I worry about what the outcome will be.  
One more Finished Object--The Leftover Pi Shawl.  I like how it looks, although I have not yet decided if it will live life as a shawl or afghan.  It is very warm.  And I don't know if my internal thermostat will adjust to all this will.  It is very, very warm.  Also please excuse the picture.  I had the wrong setting on my camera.  Outside picture was washed out a little, and the inside picture was too dark.  I will try again to get pictures at Knit Nite tomorrow. 
And one more sock to go.  
Again, lousy picture, after dark with cell phone camera flash.  But the sparkles show, and you can see the gray braided ridge left from the Greek, or zigzag bindoff.  So much nicer and easier than the cursed Kitchener stitch.  (Sorry Sir Kitchener, but it is true.)  And it is small enough that I don't think it will be noticed while being worn, especially since it is on the top of the toe.  

One more day of daily posting. 

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