Monday, November 26, 2012

Knit Worthy, Part 2

While putting Little Guy's Baby Surprise Jacket on the back burner for a few minutes, I wanted to revisit yesterday's topic.
Knitting is something I do for fun.  I like to make my own kniting plans.  Things like Little Guy's sudden appearance don't upset me, as I was planning on knitting his BSJ anyway.  And sweaters for kids are something parents usually appreciate.
In most cases I don't even mind being asked to knit something, especially if I have time.
But there are some, not particularly close friends that sometimes ask for a knit project.  Sometimes they want something that I just finished for myself.  They are usually non-knitters, who have no concept of the time involved.  Or the expense if it is good wool.  Or the care involved with wool.
These are not usually someone I want to do something like that for.  It would not be fun knitting.
Calll me self centered, but they would be not knit worthy.
Now, back to my knitting.  And Pride and Prejudice, followed by Wuthering Heights.
I love old movies.

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